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Welcome to The Shooting Zone

 An 8 court basketball facility located @ 22 Hollywood Ave unit 3 Ho-Ho-Kus NJ.

Each court is equipped with a DR Dish shooting machine connected to a 65-inch flat screen TV.

As players shoot on the machine their progress (total shots/makes/misses & percentages are displayed on the flat screen TV).

How The Shooting Zone Works:

  • Anybody who is able to shoot on a 10-foot basket from 15+ feet away is able to join The Shooting Zone!

  • On our app members will be able to choose the time and basket they want. You can even book up to a week in advance!

  • All sessions are 45 minutes long and you can book 1 session a day

    • You MUST cancel your session at least 12 hours before you are scheduled or you will be charged a $25 fee for cancellation​

    • If no one is scheduled on the basket after you or if there is another basket open you are able to stay longer

  • If you have a friend or sibling that has a membership, you guys can share a hoop!

    • One person would reserve the time, when the other person comes in they will let the desk attendant know they are sharing a machine.​

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