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Booking, Cancellation, and membership policies: 

  • We no longer allow double booking.

    • We will only keep the most recent booked appointment in our system and any others will be deleted, if you mistakenly double book please either cancel it or email us to cancel it.

  • If you choose to opt out of your membership it must be through a written EMAIL or else it will continue to renew automatically.  

  • If you need to cancel an appointment you must do so on the app or email us to not get charged the no-show fee.

  • We do not allow for the shooting guns to be moved under no exceptions, failure to comply will result in charges on your account

  • You may be held accountable for damages caused to the property or shooting zone equipment

  • Starting in January 2024, if you are a member you can bring a guest for only $20!

    • If you are not a member and want to do a drop-in session it is $40 

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